The Mound of Good ​Fortune


It is a quintessence of the old and the new. As one gazes across the valley, one cannot help but feel a surge of emotions as the place harks back to the era bygone amid an unparallel natural beauty. In this valley once trod saints and peasants, kings and warriors upon whose footprints much of Bhutan’s history as we know it has been written.

Today, apart from the occasional Himalayan breeze, the gentle swaying of the surrounding pines trees and the chirping of birds, the place is tranquil, almost meditative. Here, in this small but delightfully cozy family-run three-star hotel with a spectacular vista of the legendary Male (Pho) and Female (Mo) river, we strive to take our guests along an unforgettable journey back in time.

      Welcome to Hotel Sonamgang: 
      The Mound of Good Fortune!

Hotel Sonamgang is located above the valley of Khuruthang which gives off breathtaking view of the town and its river. A 3-star deluxe hotel with many facilities and sedulous staff whose services ensure you a great stay. Our unique infrastructure is designed to provide our guests with a modern yet quaint feel on the inside.

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